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Eddie Lange

Reviews for our painting course in Scotland

‘I have had an amazing colour experience painting with Eddie, first three days of acrylics and then two days of watercolours. It has revolutionised my thinking about colour mixing and using a very limited palate to dramatic effect. From now on I understand that less is definitely more. Eddie’s teaching technique is very intensive and has completely changed all my preconceived notions about watercolour painting. I came away seeing the world in terms of yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, caerulian blue and burnt Sienna. For the last month I have been looking at the world around me and seeing colours which I did not previously register in nature. Thank you, Eddie, I need to go now so I can get back to my painting! I will be returning soon for more lessons.’

Margerita. Fife

Eddie Lange

Painting courses Scotland




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