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Painting Courses around the Studio


Our studio is located in the country side on the banks of the magnificent River Tay. In just a short distance we can set up shop at any one of the many delightful painting locations; farmlands, shores, river, lighthouses, natural walkways and paths. Tayport Harbour is less than a mile away with plenty of stimulating painting subjects.



Lady Diana Butler and Eddie Lange painting Sunflowers in the studio on a painting course .jpg

Painting from the studio window in autum acrylics

Still life painting in acrylics

Still life painting in acrylics

Studio Painting


On our painting course we can choose to work from life, sketches and photo references in our newly built studio.



Studio Painting


On rainy days we have the sanctuary of the studio.

Well equiped and flooded with natural light, we can test our methods of painting without having to worry about the weather



painting courses Scotland acrylic painting by Eddie Lange painted from inside the studio

Eddie Lange

Studio painting



Painting from life is a great way to learn colour mixing, and this can still be done indoors, correct paint application, composition in a quiet relaxing, atmosphere

no matter what the weather i painted this below from inside the studio on March 1st 2018 during red alert weather warning it was -6 out 22+ in



Painting from the studio window acrylics

Studio painting  acrylics
View from our  studio
painting courses  scotland the west lighthouse through the treesfrom the studio tayport acrylics by eddie lange
scottish birches acrylics by eddie lange

Painting from the studio window acrylics

Painting from the studio window


Painting from the studio window acrylics